Repairing Corrosion at the Medalla Light Beer Facility

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June 30, 2016
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Medalla Light Brewery, Puerto Rico
One of only two breweries found in Puerto Rico, the Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful grounds and facilities, in addition to its well-known beer, Medalla Light. Because it’s located in a humid, southern climate, concrete spalling from corrosion of steel reinforcement isn’t unusual. Vertical and overhead repairs were needed on columns, beams, and the ceiling of the quality assurance laboratory to address the problem. The repairs were difficult, with a ceiling height of 30 feet and multiple areas with signs of corrosion.

The owner’s own maintenance crew performed the work and received onsite training from AT Specialty Cements. The crew was trained on surface preparation for beams and column repairs, and logistics of having in place and ready all required tools and equipment, the mixing process, application, and finishing of vertical and overhead repairs. “With the right products and training, the three-month project was completed in six weeks,” says Guillermo Alvarez Cartañá, PE, with AT Specialty Cements.

AT Specialty Cements brought in CTS V/O Repair Mix and Cement All with Corrosion Inhibitor to complete the repairs. The V/O Repair Mix was used in all repairs requiring a thickness of 2 inches or more and Cement All was used on the thinner repairs.

Time was very important to complete the repairs and keep the facility running. For this reason, Rapid Set products were a better choice than products of two or three components.“Rapid Set made this restoration project a great success,” says Cartañá. “The repairs were finished in half the time and money originally estimated.”

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